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Mojo Market

Client: Mojo Market

Category: Restaurant; Retail

Scope: Interior Design & Décor from consultation to installation

The Mojo Market (spanning 2000 square metres) takes the concept of ‘market’ to a new level. It’s a juxtaposition of urbanity (open 7 days a week) with the idea of traditional community market:   freshly baked bread lives comfortably with 40 handpicked design and craft retailers interspersed with true global artisan food offerings that encircle the perimeter and open out to the street.

The brief was to inspire a community environment that fosters connection and social interaction between friends and strangers. A place to make your local.

A creative, energetic space full of Mojo …magic, charisma, talent and charm!

Jade & Ginja were consulted on the design of all the public spaces: from walkways to seating; lighting & electrical Design & specification; to colour schemes and surface finishes. We commissioned bespoke modular furniture and joinery, Décor, Artwork, and Bar Design. We were tasked with injecting the space with warmth & personality, comfort with style and freshness.

The challenge of the task was how to mask or integrate concrete ceilings in poor condition, aluminum posts; seating areas and shops below toilet pipes from the hotel above, as well as some oddly formed spaces with curved walls; roughly cast concrete mezzanine floors; and the joys of dealing with an old building where no two walls were built plumb or straight.

Photos: Graeme Robinson; Yvonne Kramer.
Jade & Ginja were proud to work with Crib Creations
Trend Merchants, who assisted with sourcing; SoBeIt StudiosMunaazLight World Projects Division