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Meet the designers

Interior Design was the perfect foil to marry a meeting of minds & energy. Yvonne & Mignon both share a passion for combining creativity, problem-solving and action in pursuit of a life lived in beauty.

About Yvonne

After attaining degrees in art history & journalism, a stint at Sotheby’s auctioneers London, and a successful career as a glossy magazine editor, Yvonne followed her passion for bringing ideas into form. Retraining as a designer at the prestigious KLC School of Design in Chelsea, London. “I am a hopeless romantic, always wanting to create a home for people to love. I like to mix styles & periods – to pair seemingly incongruous pieces, and I’m not a slave to trends. The trick is to incorporate comfort and sensuality with whimsy and a dash of drama. Always returning to a sense of balance and harmony.” “I like to emphasise colour, texture and pattern in an interior to inject a home with soul and a sense of surprise. My dream is for South Africans to embrace colour & pattern in the way Americans & The British do so effortlessly – infused with lots of white; metallics or set against moody deep hues.”

About Mignon

From childhood, Mignon could be found making birthday gifts in her Dad’s garage and building a tree swing on her grandparents’ farm. She is a DIY enthusiast, and a dabhand at reinvention – no matter the discipline. She is dedicated to exploring all resources to realise the most feasible design solution – be it re purposing fabric into cool clothing or, creating new recipes “What inspires me most about interior design is the unlimited possibilities. I value the process of design just as much as the outcome. “ Mignon has a Bachelor of Design, specialising in Interior Design from Inscape Cape Town.