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We have a firm handle on a variety of styles, from grown-up glamour and refined sophistication, to funkier urban and retro ensembles. We do like to mix antique and new furniture, and love working with a client’s curated collections.

A few of our favourite things:

  • Patina – surface age and use
  • Mixed, beaten or polish metals
  • The endless ways great designers continue to address the simple problem of the chair.
  • Eclecticism – which is evocative of the personality of the collector.
  • The clean lines and functionality of Modernism
  • The paired down luxury and muted colours of French & Italian Art Deco Interiors
  • The champagne society style of cinema’s golden age: Hollywood Regency
  • Bold styling, oversized proportions and materials of the seventies – Lucite & brass- paired with brights – å la Palm Beach style
  • Strong sculptural shapes and moody colours offset by striking colourful artworks
  • Personality driven spaces – seamlessly juxtaposed time periods, ethnicities and artistic traditions which often results in a
    dash of quirkiness
  • Fun geometry – From David Hicks to Afro-Chic



These styles have all excited and moved me over the years by the otherworldly stories they tell. I draw on some of their elements as a subtle compass when designing a scheme.